Sometimes there's too much awesomeness in one place. 

Local (Tourist) paper airplane

We want to experience it all, but the nature of our precious 'vacation days' leaves us with a short amount of time to cram in as much as possible. Help us out! (P.S. Feel free to share a city that isn't your regular stomping grounds, but you can talk about like a real Local would. You already know more than we do.)

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(***Things more subtle than the currency used, or what the weather is like...Ya' know, things I might not be able to ask the Internet...)

Help us see the city the way you see it: Share original photos with us! 

How? Simply drag and drop the images below. 

Don't worry; anything you share with Local (Tourist) will be properly credited to you!

We're looking for images that capture the vibe of the city you just described. Scenery, bars/restaraunts, shopping, etc.

Oh, we also need a picture of you! If you're camera shy, we feel you. We just want to make your interview more personal than a Smiley Heart-Eyes Emoji. (P.S. Nothing XXX rated, you're not drunk and we're not interested.)


1 ) JPEGs, TIFFs, and PNGs are best.

2) Name your file in this format: location_city_yourname. (I.E. vervecoffeeroasters_LosAngeles_JohnDoe ). This helps us name the places we've never seen correctly!

3) Please only submit ORIGINAL photos. Local (Tourist) is about seeing the world thru YOUR eyes, not anyone else's! We're really big on crediting people properly. 

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